7 Top Apps for a Small Retail Business

Is your retail store becoming a handful to run? Indeed, running a small business as a lone entrepreneur can seem a bit overwhelming. There are taxes to handle, customers to communicate with, stock keeping tracking, and tens of numerous other tasks to prioritize. The good news is that you can easily handle all these tasks with a few apps on your computer and smartphone. Check out these apps to run a smooth retail store.


Untracked petty expenses can eat into the profits of a small business. Examples are a cup of coffee for a prospective customer, taxi fare for a late employee, or the cost of a missing bulb. Expensify helps track these expenses. You capture the picture of a receipt and file it in a specific budget line.


Having an online store is almost mandatory for a small business that aims to expand. But an online store can be troublesome to handle in stock management and handling payments. Woocommerce is a platform that works on the popular WordPress website engine. Both are free, so you can set up your online store and run it without engaging an expensive web designer.


A small retail store can exploit the power of email marketing to expand its market in the neighborhood. Mailchimp is an email marketing app that will allow building an email list of up to 2,000 subscribers for free.

Whatsapp/Facebook Messenger

Social media apps allow a small business to keep in touch with its following. Facebook messenger allows messaging directly to your Facebook fans and friends. Whatsapp enables direct messaging with people on your phone contact list using your internet data plan instead of mobile airtime.


Are you tired of clunky, ugly looking POS systems? Shopkeep will enable you to run your brick and mortar retail store with ease. It is both an inventory and inventory management system, so you never have to spend hours on a calculator working out how much you got from the last batch.


This app helps manage several social media from one platform instead of logging into each of them separately. You can also cue your content to go out at specific times.

Google My Business

A brick and mortar retail store need to be found by potential walk-in customers. As the biggest search engine, shoppers are more likely to search for it. Google My Business allows a business to create a profile on Google which appears on the first page when a search is done.