Do You Need to Boost Sales in Your Retail Business?

It is no secret that many retail businesses in the UK are struggling. Indeed, online shopping has all but made buying in the mortar and brick shop a rare experience, especially for those in the 20’s. But a good number in the retail business continues to thrive through a mixture of technology adaptation and old-school marketing. The fact is that as long as there are pedestrians, walking by your shop, you can always pull them in.

Here are some tips that can see higher footfall in your retail business, and higher revenues.

Offer better views

These days most people will look up what they need on the internet first. Making your wares more visible entices those who would have them in mind. Go out and look at your shop from the street. Does it entice enough? What can passersby see?

Make your window display more attractive by enlarging the window, and attention seeking lights. Place an adboard on the pavement with your discounts and offers.

Sales promotions

This is a tried and tested method of attracting traffic to your shop. The good thing is that you can set up sales promotions very quickly. Good examples include BOGO (Buy One Get One), Buy One Get 50% off, time-limited discounts (e.g., 10% off 11.00-12.30) and discounts on certain items.

Make it an experience

When teenage and young adult shoppers come into the shop, they are coming in for the shopping experience. Otherwise, they would have made the purchase online. Make their experience interesting to encourage them to test out more products, which increases chances of main and impulse purchases. If you are a fashion shop, for example, have a photo booth where shoppers can take their photos in different outfits.

Work on in-shop appearance

How are your goods displayed? Can your customers walk comfortably without bumping into each other or your wares? Different shop sections should be carefully signed for shoppers to find easily. Ensure that all products have price tags, with any discount information clearly visible on the aisle and the packaging.

You can alter the look of your shop by simply moving things around. It can be as simple as exchanging brand positions. This has the added benefit of giving your customers the opportunity to try new brands and products.

Discover and use technology

A website is a standard requirement for any business these days. It tells your potential customers what you offer, where you are located and any other information such as discounts. Social media like Facebook helps you reach out to the community. Lead potential shoppers from Facebook to your website and you will start seeing an increase in both online and foot traffic.