Finding a Flatshare in Birmingham Tips: the Dos and the Don’ts

Birmingham is an exciting city for students and those starting out in their careers. There are lots of things young people can see, do, and experience in Birmingham beyond school or work. Talks of fancy nightclubs, top-notch shopping centres, sporting venues, concerts, vibrant art & culture scene, and a raft of world-class universities and colleges to name a few.

When it comes to accommodation, renting a flatshare in Birmingham is the best bet for most young people. It’s affordable, and you get to experience what Birmingham has to offer with your flatmates. Looking for the right flatmates and flatshare in Birmingham, nonetheless, isn’t always a walk in the park.

Consider the following dos and don’ts to make your hunt for the perfect flatshare in Birmingham a little easier.

The Dos of Finding Flatshare in Birmingham

(1) Do Your Plan and Research

When you are searching for a flatshare to rent in Birmingham, it’s crucial to plan. You can start off by listing what you are looking for in roommate as well as in a flatshare. By knowing exactly what you are looking for, it will be much easier to narrow down your search.

You can use the internet to research on the flatmates, affordable area, and your potential flatshares in Birmingham. Go ahead and read reviews online.

(2) Do Meet Your Flatmates Before Moving In

Some people make a mistake of moving into a flatshare in Birmingham without having a one-on-one convo with their roommates. The chances, however, are that you might have conflicting interests with your flatmate, making it harder for you to live day by day. So, spend some time together over coffee, cold drink or even lunch.

(3) Do Visit the Flatmate with Your Flatmate

Most people know who their flatmates are before finding the right flatshare in Birmingham. It’s okay that way, but you need to survey the property together so that you can get the feel.

(4) Do Consider How you’ll Spend Much of Your Time

If you’ll spend most of your time in school, it’s best to find a flatshare in the neighbourhood unless you don’t mind the commute. The same goes for those who’ll be working in Birmingham — a close-by flatshare will save you lots of headaches.

The Don’ts

(1) Don’t Narrow Your Hunt for a Flatshare Birmingham to a Specific District

Some people close their mind to an individual district or neighbourhood alone. That’s a big no-no. By casting your net wider, you’ll be able to get the best flatshare in Birmingham for your needs.

(2) Don’t Overlook the Deposit

Some landlords are quite strict about deposits. Talk it over with your flatmate so you can know if you can afford the deposit.

(3) Don’t Go with Your First Flatshare

Explore more to get value for your money.