How to Negotiate for Post End of Tenancy Cleaning

Post end of tenancy cleaning is a pain that every renter has to deal with when moving house.  the standard tenancy agreement says that a tenant has to leave the house in a state like he/she found the house, failure to which part or all of the tenancy deposit is forfeited.

Most people will overlook this and go ahead and do the post end of tenancy cleaning DIY style instead of hiring a professional cleaning service. They think that these services are too costly and money can be saved. Actually, getting a good professional end of tenancy cleaning service is not all that hard.

Negotiate with a referral

If someone you know has recently moved, you can ask them to rate the cleaning service they used. If the rating is good, ask for the cleaner’s contacts. Many sales agents will be happy enough to hear that you have come to them through a referral. You can take advantage of this to negotiate for a further discount. You can hint that you know someone else who wants to move too, and you would spread a good word about the cleaning service if an attractive discount is offered.

Negotiate from the ads

There are tens of post end of tenancy cleaning services that advertise on different platforms each day. They are on social media, newspaper classifieds, online classifieds, local supermarket noticeboards and even random posters on walls and utility poles.

Talk to a few of them, eliminating those who take more than 2 minutes to pick up the phone. You can say that you would like a quick quote for post end of tenancy cleaning. Sales agents will want to draw you in with a cheap price quote. Write this down together with the name of the sales agent. Go to the office, ask for the agent and negotiate for a discount.

Negotiate by doing some work

The amount of work to be done weighs heavily on the final cost. You can do some of the tasks and leave those difficult to handle for the cleaning service. Some simple tasks that can be handled include washing the utensils, cleaning kitchen appliances like the oven, and scrubbing the toilet. Leave the cleaning service to handle more difficult tasks like cleaning off lime scale from the faucets or dusting high ceilings.

Getting a good post end of tenancy cleaning price is not as hard as you may think. Remember that the costs involved in hiring a professional cleaning service are lower than costs associated with a disputed cleaning job.